There is a common problem always faced by owners either in villas,buildings or substations which is rising dampness, seepages, leakages that is often result insurface damage due to failure in waterproofing systems from ageing, partial damages and modifications that occurs over the lifespan of the concrete structure, examples are basements, cable and duct entries, pantries, kitchens, bathrooms.

We do have offer solid solutions for treating dampness

  • Polymer Modified Cementious Coatings
  • Polyurethane Coatings
  • Nano Coatings

Difficulties in finding the source of the leakages may lead to unsuccessful remedial and repair actions that takes place, but with the aid of advanced non-destructive testing methods it is possible to pinpoint the exact location of a leakage.

We use the latest equipment for both crack sealing and leakage stopping by applying various types of injection material and treatments;

  • Epoxy Dry Crack Injection & Sealing
  • Polyurethanes Sealing &Injection or
  • Acrylic Injection
  • Cementious Injection
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